Widgets Pro - gantt chart - PDF export does not render i18n text properly. Any help or pointers?

We are using the WIdgets Pro -gantt chart component to show a Project timeline report. The requirement is to be able to export it as PDF and should be available in different languages. e.g.: French, Chinese etc. 
The Gantt chart widget works perfectly for English. The PDF is exported correctly. But when the Gantt chart contains text from other languages, that particular text gets just displayed as the escaped unicode values. The preview looks fine in other languages, but it seems the exported PDF is not able to identify the special charaacters in the i18n languages. Following is the screenshot of the PDF.

screenshot of exported PDF with French locale

The text outside the Gantt chart is displayed properly. Any help or pointers to render the gantt chart with the i18n languages would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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