iText 2.1.7 CVE-2017-9096


As I know, Jasper Reports use own fork verison iText 2.1.7-js. In the same time, I have no confirmation about closed vulnerabilities (CVE-2017-9096). js1-8 version not mentioned on iText stable tags.

I found a question where the same question linked with other vulnerability (CVE-2018-5382) - not the same.

Could you confirm, that CVE-2017-9096 vulenrability fixed in some fork versions or waiting for resolve in some future updates?



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1 Answer:

In my recent maven library dependency build of  jasperreport 6.17.0, it is still depending on itext 2.1.7, which is a lower version and had reached End of Life.

May I know when will Jasperreports library be updated to use higher version of iText, i.e. itext 7.xx  or moving to another library for pdf generation?

Please do share the roadmap on this.

Thank you

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