Need support for calculating Average with Variable function to show in Bar Chart


We have question column and there are answer with rating 1 to 5. Other column describes User. We get rating for every user under question column. we want to show the average per user in bar chart.

X-axis defines UserName and Y-axis defines rating 1 to 5, in values it should show the average rating per user.

Please Refer the Attached Image

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In case you are using the Jaspersoft professional version, and you are using the HTML5 Charts, you can add more details to the tooltip.

You can configure the tooltip using the example below.

In HTML5 charts for any level or series, you can add bucket level mapping and use the same to configure the tooltip.

Hope this helps


reachrekhakn - 5 days 9 hours ago

Thanks for your reply, We are using Jaspersoft Community Version. If possible provide us with the expression to find average.

gokul.krish - 4 days 21 hours ago

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