How to get all data if the parameter given as all in jasper php client runreport?


       Iam a beginner in jasper report and my intenton is to get the required reports in the required format from jasper server using jasper php client in PHP. I tried it using the samples available in the site, but Iam facing some problems.

   1. Input control / parameter : eg: I have two HTML select  for giving parameters, then if i select both parameters with value, it is working and displaying in HTML format. But if i want to select all data by giving the parameter 'All', its not working... How should i get all the values using parameter. that means, it works only if i pass 2 values as parameter otherwise not.. i tried by passing all the available values as a assosiate multidimentional array as parameter to get all data bt it shows error. Also couldn't download the parameterized one in any form other than HTML.

   2. Error in downloaded PDF: I could download a report without parameter in most of the forms, but while opening PDF file it shows error like 'flie cany be opened' in Chrome. Then i tried to open it with Adobe PDF reader , then it shows the file is error. Don't know why it shows error.

     If anybody know these please help me for the above.

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