License Issue: Jaspersoft for AWS Marketplace

Suddenly we start to receive the following message when accessing our Jasper server from the hosted URL. The server is an EC2 instance in AWS launched through the AWS Marketplace:

License Failed

Your license is invalid. This license can be used only on instances launched from the Jaspersoft for AWS Marketplace AMIs.

Please contact Jaspersoft Technical Support.

When contacting Jasper support they said we don't have a commercial license although we have hourly based licensed we bought through AWS Marketplace. The license is active and has no expiration date.

When clicking on the "Buy license" button on the "Manage Subscriptions" section from AWS Marketplace, we are redirected to a page that says I'm already subscribed to this software.

We already tried restarting the instance several times with no success.

The AMI ID is ami-010a75c052ee14d5d.

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No solution found. The version of jasper server we have is 6.3. We had to launch a new instance with version 7.5, uploaded the reports to this new instance. We aldo had to adjust the application code because of the changes in the REST API of jasper.

gdiaz_2 - 1 year 12 months ago

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