Is it possible to print a string on page break and last record on jasper reports


I m new to jasper Reports on eclipse. I have 2 doubts please help me to clarify it.

My requirement :-

  1. I'm creating a statement of Report.i only wanted to print 10 records on a single page. i'm using a page break to break and print it on the next page. i wanted to print a String called "continue" when page breaks and "End" at the last record.

  2. I'm trying to access an image based on the field presented on jasper reports from a remote server.  suggest me how to fetch image every time when i generate a report.

How can i create create this.

Thanks in advance -Patrick

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Whats is the condition for your page break to show?

Why don't you put a text field near the page break and put the same condition on "Print when"?

gustavofarias - 1 month 3 weeks ago


i used a break element and set type as page. if my detail band record shows more than 10 records then page breaks and move to next page . 

i.e $V{REPORT_COUNT}==10

i also created a text feild and gave print when expression is $V{REPORT_COUNT}==10?true:null .This is actually printing on the next page but i wanted to print it on that page itself. 

Any idea about the second questionas well .




apambrose067 - 1 month 3 weeks ago

it's on the next page because it is after the break. Put it before. You can improve the condition to check if the current record is the last.

check if it's equal to REPORT_COUNT. In this case, print end, if not, use the logic of printing "continue" every tem records or black otherwise.

gustavofarias - 1 month 3 weeks ago

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