How do I deploy a report (.jrxml) to the server with Java? docs are getting me no where


  1. Java
  2. Maven
  3. JasperReports Server: 7.x

I would like to deploy a report to JasperReports Server using the REST API.

I do not know if this is possible, maybe it is only possible with the API (including .jars as dependencies, and using that).

Does anyone have a bare bones minimal example of deploying a .jrxml to the server by any means (that I can pull from a git repo that includes a pom.xml)?

1. authenticate
2. read a .jrxml or provide the path to a .jrxml
3. deploy to the server

1..3 would get me a long ways, I'm going through the documentation meticously, and getting no where.

I would like to not use any 3rd party SDK, I need to use just Java/JDK, built in libraries, and other imports needed that can be pulled in through pom.xml

It is not obvious in the REST API how to do this, and may not even be possible.  If that is not possible, I could include a jasperreports-server-api.jar as a dependency and code that, but need a barebones example.

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2 Answers:

You could give it a try with the jrs-rest-java-client that you can find here:

and some sample code in this Stackoverflow post here:

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I looked at this (jrs-rest-java-client) and it is so convoluted and outdated, it does not work.


The StackOverflow post was not the best example.  It is quite surprising that Tibco Jaspersoft has no developer advocates that maintain a git repo of examples to help folks out.  With every other API I have ever used, the company/org maintains a git repo of basic examples to get started.

The documentation for the REST API has not changed from 7.5.1...7.9.0 and provides very little help.

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