mismatched input '$P{Customer_multi_select}' expecting RULE_ID


I'm a newbie and am having difficulty with a multi select parameter though I have used these successfully before. The SQL script I am using is simple and as follows;

select * from  r_daybook
where    $X{IN,Customer, $P{Customer_multi_select} }

The $P{Customer_multi_select} section is underlined with a red line and the message "mismatched input '$P{Customer_multi_select}' expecting RULE_ID"  is displayed when it is hovered over.

The parameter has its class as java.util.Collection, its Description is "Customer" the default expression is blank and I have no Nested Type Name.



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Hi aodhomeachair,

With the $X{IN} format you don't need the $P{} structure for the 1st parameter, just the name.

For your example just write :

select * from  r_daybook
where    $X{IN,Customer,Customer_multi_select }



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