Export changes to JasperReports Server without having to browse report's location


Since 6.13, every time I make changes to a publised report, I need to select the server and location where the report will be published via the Report Publishing Wizard. This only used to happen when the report contained any resources that also needed to be published. Even then, the wizard would pre-select the report that had been modified. Is there a setting I may be missing that will restore this functionality? Thank you.

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Randomly this happens when your report contains resources pointing to the repository as you said.

You make changes in your report and sometimes it is ok, sometimes you will have the Report Publishing Wizard...

I don't know why but it is true with older versions of the Studio. I'm using 6.11 but 6.10 and previous before with the same behaviour unfortunately...

In my case I would say it comes from the pictures, in the Report Publishing Wizard it always offers me this path "repo:/image_name.jpg" instead of the full path "repo:/Resources/Images/.../image_name.jpg" for example.

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