Can only interact with SQL data once


I am encountering a strange error in Jasper Studio community edition on Windows 10.

I was able to connect to a Microsoft SQL server and create a new Data Adapter, but after testing it once, the 2nd test fails with this error. This driver is not configured for integrated authentication. ClientConnectionId:b489309e-eff4-46e9-9ecc-4dd5b053e8bb

I have to restart the program to get it to actually work again, because I constantly get the same error until I do.

I am able to save it and when I try to create a data source, I can see the structure and tables of the server, but any time I try and interact with the server, even just selecting from a table, I get the same error.

I tried searching for solutions but couln't find anything.

Thank you

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Hi roaddogg2k2

Try a different jdbc driver like org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver driver instead of
Maybe this will fix your problem?

Greets, A3an

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