why does js-install-ce.sh try to access 'postgres' database


Running the js-install-ce.sh with the test option

In my default-master.properties


but i get the follwoing error ...

 [echo] Validating administrative database connection at jdbc:postgresql://postgres.nowhere.nowhere:5432/postgres. Phase: [test]
[advanced-sql] Failed to connect: FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "***.***.***.***", user "reports", database "postgres", SSL off

I do not have access to the 'postgres' database. I was given acces to an empty 'reports' database on our company postgresql server. Which I can access from a psql client on the application server with now issue using the corresponding 'reports' user.

Why is the installer trying to reach the 'postgres' database on the given postgresql server?

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