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I have created a jasper report that is being currently fed XML data.

Currently, in my header, I have details about the order.  Ex: Order Number, Items in Order, Who ordered it, etc. 

In my Details band, I have data for each Order Line, ex: 5 of this item, 10 of this item, 1 of this.

I need to do a page break on each class of items on an order line... so if 5 Order Lines have a class of Hazmat, they need to be printed together.  And if I have 10 order lines that all have a class of Perishable, they need to be printed together.  

How can I do this?  Thanks ahead of time.

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You can group on the [ORDER ITEM] then set the 'Keep Together' property.  If you have a group footer for the [ORDER ITEM] you may also want to set the 'Prevent Orphan Footer' to prevent the footer showing up on the next page due to space available.

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