I have searched for this for a while. I have found many that explain but i need a little more clarification. 

I have a report built on 6.3.1 ( have heard rumors this doesnt work on 6.3, even so, comment then consider the remaining issue)

First, if there is a place that shows syntax of some of these please point me in that direction

I have a report with about 50 columns and i am attempting to remove the line (row) when blank 

My first though tis, i can have 1 column dictate this by checking data sent but it doesnt seem to work: IF( <cell> = \"no\", \"\") this would have the isRemoveLineWhenBlank set to True.

Next im under the impression that, this isnt merely a "remove" but a hide. Even so, does this mean i would have to apply this option to every column? I ask instead of trying due to my large amount of columns and the need to write the code and wrap each cell in "IF( ISBLANK(<cell>), \"\", the normal formula...)


Also if there is another thread that better addresses this rather than replying feel free to point me that way. 

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The answer was to restrict it druing the import with the expression of the sub report

theDataSleuth - 2 months 1 day ago

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