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After installing Jasperserver 7.5.O on Ubuntu 20.04 with Tomcat 9 and mysql, i have a startup problem on Tomcat.

http://localhost:8080 answers normally but very slowly

http://localhost:8080:jasperserver gives an 404 error.

I looked into catalina.log and i saw some problems as you can see in the file joined.

I don't see where is the problem.

Can you help me ?

Thank you


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Hi Michel, 
Just trying to assist where possible. 
I noticed the log file is in french and I do not understand french but made use of google translate. 
You have 2 GRAVE in your log and the first grave states to refer to the container log. As a listner did not want to start. 
In most cases these are ports already being used also in most cases the first error is the cause of all the trailing errors. So resolve this one first and retry the server. 
Also you need to look into the container logs, I may only assume your are making us of docker or some other simliar container tech. So you have to look into those log files for more info, not enough info given in this log. 
Hope this help, it is the most I may give with the information at had. 

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