Loss of table data in JRS on Linux. offset indent. windows + tomcat VS docker + Linux + tomcat

I built two similar Jasper Reports servers . ver 7.5.0
One on Windows and launched in Tomcat .
The second one is the same server I mounted in a Docker container .
In Jasper Reports Studio, I created two identical reports and sent them to my two servers.


I found two problems:

1.in JRS on Linux, additional margins appear in the Html display of the report, which makes it difficult to perceive the correct location of data on the page.

2.data loss in table cells, see the example in the photo - second cell - no information about test3, test4

in the photo marked with arrows with red color
How do I solve the problem with Html display of the report on Linux? what actions should I take? I care about a server hosted on Linux


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When creating a field in the Studio, you can set the property: net. sf.jasperreports.text.save.line.breaks to false. Apparently, when filling in the report in the Linux environment, the line breaks are detected incorrectly . by setting this parameter to false, line break positions will be formed during data export to Html , docs, and so on. In the Windows environment this parameter did not affect the display of the Html page

npcnk - 2 years 7 months ago

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