JasperChart with SVG image rendition is truncated on JasperReports Server (html) mode


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I stumbled upon this issue, where a JasperChart is truncated on a JasperReports Server. The said chart is rendered in SVG format, and the export is default to screen (i.e. HTML).
We coundn't encounter this issue with HTML format on Jasper Studio OR with PDF format on Server as well as Studio. To debug the Root cause, I took the JRPRINT file from JasperServer, and exported it programatically to PDF and HTML formats by referencing all the JARs from JasperServer lib. Even with this approach the exports were fine. Does anyone from community know the Root cause for this i.e. 1a (see below) ?

Here is a summary:

Export/Environment JasperServer(1)  JasperStudio(2)  using JRPRINT file from JasperServer(3)
HTML(a)  Chart truncates Exports fine Exports fine
PDF(b) Exports fine Exports fine Exports fine

Environment details:

JasperReports Server  CE(Product Version: 7.5.0, Build: 20191206_1440) .
Jaspersoft Studio Community Edition 6.13.0
Attachment Details:

1.JRPRINT file:  3Charts.jrprint


Export/Environment JasperServer JasperStudio JRPRINT
HTML 3Charts.jasperserver.html 3Charts.jasperstudio.html 3Charts.jrprint.html
PDF 3Charts.jasperserver.pdf 3Charts.jasperstudio.pdf 3Charts.jrprint.pdf

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