Dealing with stretch type in a textfield and subreport at same band


HI, I'm using Jaspersoft studio 6.13.0 and Visual Designer for jasperReports 6.13.0 version.

My issue is that stretch types are not working as is expecting, my report have a textFied and a subreport at the same band, in"detail band", which has a split type "prevent"

So I set up this variable :

For textfield stretch type: "containerHeight"

For subreport stretch type: "containerHeight", Its suppose that the subreport its going to grown as the textfield grow. But this is not working.

It's supposed that no matter if the textField grows down or the content in subreport grows down than the other, the stretch behavior will fix the inconsistency of different size on the container.

So my print report looks like:



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In your picture, I can not know which is the text field and which is your subreport.

Can you please draw again and show me which element in your screenshot. I will help you.

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