One row is missing in JasperPrint object




We are working in JasperReport (version 6.8.1) with datasource (JRDataSource). In project, same datasource is used in multiple application, therefore we are trying to send this datasource from one application to another application....
Initially we tried with JSON and XML, but we faced many problems.
Finally we are able to convert the datasource into byte stream (ByteArrayOutputStream) and  send the datasource in other application as well.

We have used following line to convert JasperPrint. 

JRBaseFiller filler = JRFiller.createFiller(context, jasperreport);
JasperPrint jasperPrint = filler.fill(paramMap, datasource);

When we have checked the 'datasource', all record exist properly, but when its converting to JasperPrint,
always first row is missing. Still we have not found any reason for that.
Would you please tell us the reason if  you have any idea?


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