How to import all the required dependencies of the most recent version of JasperReports (6.13.0) into a Java Server Pages project and generate a QR Code?

I have been trying to generate a report in my Java Server Pages application with a QR Code, but I haven't been managing to do so. I guess that's because I've been using the library of iReport 5.6.0 that does not support the QR Code. However, even downloading the most recent libraries of JasperReports (6.13.0) and their dependencies, now I get error 505 on my browser when I try to generate any report I've created using JasperReports 6.13.0. How should I proceed to get this working? Please, I would like this question to be answered as soon as possible.

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And I think that not all the dependencies believed to be required to get JasperReports working are on the resources of JasperReports Library, because I keep getting the ClassNot FoundException along with the error 505 on my browser.

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Which class isn't being found? I don't know enough about your project structure to really be of much help, but if you're using maven or some other dependency manager, just follow the 'class not found errors' and add the appropriate libs to your own project. Maybe the version of the jasper jar you're working with is the 'without dependencies' version, in which case you'll have to supply those yourself.

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