Many multiselct values selected resulting in error



I created a JasperSoft report and was able to limit the outputs of the report to the desired value. I set the Print When Expressions of the bands to only display if the correct number of inputs are selected and created an error message to display if the inputs exceed the limits I have set. In JasperServer when I run the report everything works the way its supposed to when I select the correct number of values within the limit and when my inputs exceed the limit. The issue is that for the multi select input controls that have 2,000 + and 5,000 entries to select from, if i select all of them there is a jasper error that pops up. "Error filling report" "Error trace". why does this error only display when there are a lot (thousands) of entries selected but not when I select 20. (my limits are 10 entries)

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance

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