Get Domain, Report Ad Hoc View dependencies/metadata from Jasper Server

As we are creating more and more domains , reports and ad hoc views and especially as we now allow certain end users to create their own ad hoc views and reports we would like to have a way to create a report to track the dependencies between Domains, Ad Hoc Views and Reports. Preferably the ability to create a report where we filter all Domains (including paths) by Datasource, All adhocs and reports by Domain (including reports created directly in Studio that use a Domain and Reports creted from Ad Hoc Views using that Domain. The same for other entities like dashboards, templates , pictures , queries etc. In the same way filtering by folder to see the contents. Thirdly, filtering by reports or dashboards and being able to see the upstream components (ad Hoc views, Domains, Datasources, templates etc.)

What would we need to use as a datasource and is there an overview of which schema contains which tables to use with which joins?

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