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I have the following Problem:

I have a Report with several subreports. The subreports contains several Textfields and sometimes several bands. Within one textfield (or globally) the linespace is defined as Fixed, 17 for example. If I print the Report in PDF for this textfields the linespacing is different within the one textfield. It seems that it depends on how much textlines this textfield has and also if it is reaching the end of the page. Because if there is a pagebreak and the text continues on the other site it is fine again for the first lines. To make it more clear I have two textfields with some longer text and for the first textfield everything ist fine, but for the second right on the bottom of the first one and nearer to the end of the page with every line of text the linespace decreases. 

I also tried it with different linespace types. Is this a known problem? I don't know how or if I could fix this. 


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