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Hi Jasper People

I'm running Jasper Studio 6.13.0 (fresh after deleting the JaspersoftWorkspace) but the system I'm building reports for needs some compiled in 6.1.0 (or my table return variables and literal parameters cuase errors.

I've downloaded 6.1.0 and have added the compiler to the compatibility configuration in 6.13.0.
Then it runs it's "cleaning project" (what does this do?) which causes a stack overflow error.
I get the same stack overflow if I then try to compile the report.

I can't run 6.1.0 because evidently the profiles are not compatible with 6.13.0. (It used to when I was running 6.6.0 though...)

The metadata .log. says:
!ENTRY 4 2 2020-07-17 15:02:57.083
!MESSAGE An internal error occurred during: "Building report".

Then 1000s of line of errors!

Help! I really need to compile and deploy this report!


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