Getting data from a dynamic sequence of SQL tables

I want to get data from a dynamic sequence of MS SQL tables (archive) of the form TiSe1 - TiSeN.
I can get the names of all TiSe tables through SQL from a common table. The number of tables increases over time, more recent measurement archives are written to new tables.
How can I connect a sequence of tables in a query?

I am thinking of repeating UNION SELECT, but I need to get the entire list of tables in the query first and substitute it into the queryString.

This is my current Query

    MAX(Value) AS VAL_END,
    MAX(NULLIF(Value,0)) - MIN(NULLIF(Value,0)) AS VAL_DIFF,
    datepart(DD,SourceTime) AS DAYS,
    datepart(HH,SourceTime)+1 AS HOURS
    FROM dbo.TiSe3
    WHERE SourceTime BETWEEN $P{DateFrom} AND $P{DateTo}
    AND HDB_DpIdTs = $P{ID}
    Group by datepart(HH,SourceTime), datepart(DD,SourceTime)
    ORDER BY datepart(DD,SourceTime), datepart(HH,SourceTime)


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