Building a report on a MS Access database


Hello Community

I’m new to JasperSoft that I’m trying to evaluate, hoping to find the right tool for my reporting.


I have a database on MS Access (yes, I know… but I wanted it to be a challenge… and after all, if it works on Access, it works on everything... :o) ) that I want to use as a data provider (= Data Adapter ?)


So I’ve built a Data Adapter, using UcanAccess as an ODBC driver…


Then I created a DataSet

First question: what is it with the “Feature not supported” ? (see picture below)

The query is ok as I can see the Data Preview

Second question: Is there a reason why I can’t see the metadata ? Is this related to my previous question ? If so, any advice ?


Now, I want to build a first report with a simple Table on one of the fields…

As you can see below, it works fine


The field “ffnom” is the one I chose, but when I go to Preview… I have the following message (see below)

Third (and last) question: Why is the document empty ? What do I do wrong ?


Thank you in advance for your help


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1 Answer:


I don't know what "FeatureNotSupportedException" is.  I did see a mention of that error on the sourceforge ucanaccess discussion:


The blank result, however, is caused by not having data.  In Jasper you have the ability to control what happens is there is no data.  You control this by setting the "When No Data Type" at the report level.




The two selections I have highlighted will allow you to see the report even if null returned.  The "No Data Section" is the no data band.  When that is used the page header and footer will not display either.

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