Jasper page break rule implementation need help

Hi Team,
We need a help on implementing page break rule.
Please refer attached screenshot.
our requirement is 
    1. Scenario 1:  Sub header - 3  ( as per attached screenshot) should not touch to the footer. If subheader-3  has only one record, it should print on page first itself, with itls subtotal. If there is not enough space on page first,

     it should the subheader-3 block itself shoule be printed on the next page with it's total
    2. Scenario 2: In case subheader - 3 has multiple records, it should print subheader-3 and it's record on page-1 available space, and next records along with subtotal-3 should move to the next page.
    3. Scenario 3: Subheader-3 should not touch to the pageFooter, subtotal-3 should not start as a first element on the next page.
    Is there any way to implement this. we have tried with minHeightToStartNewPage attribute, but scenario 2 and 3 are not working properly with that solutoion.
    Is there any way we can identify how much space is remaining on current page before printing the element on next page.



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1 Answer:

Try setting minDetailsToStartFromTop="1" and preventOrphanFooter="true" for the group.



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