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is it possible to place a Jaspersoft Report (oder ad-hoc view) directly into Excel and have the possibility to refresh it right there? Until now, I can only export the report or have it put on our drive. Either way, I have to open it, copy the content and paste it into the actual Excel file, that does the additioncal enhancing and visualizing (graphs, etc.). I would love to only have one Excel file in which I can refresh the data from Jasper and do the rest with a few simple clicks. 

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I had such a fuctionality in my old job, when we worked with MicroStrategy. They have an Excel Addin, through which you can display the data from the report directly in Excel and have it refreshed by clicking "refresh report". I would love to have that with Jasper, too.

silvia_k - 2 years 5 months ago

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