Report resources references getting overwritten on edit/publish, always


Just curious, is anyone else having serious issues with resources like images and sub-reports when editing/publishing Jasper Server reports (latest version 7.5)? I'm using Jasper Studio 7.5 pro, but anytime I edit and publish a report, resources paths are getting overwritten. Essentially, any time I edit a published report, resource paths like 'repo:path/to/image.png' are getting overwritten to 'repo:image.png' without being prompted to ignore/overwrite during the publish process. 'Set Published Resources To -> Always Ignore' japer studio preferences setting has no effect. 

This bug has come up before, and resolved, but it seems it's back. It's not specific to my environment, other team members are having the same issue. It's not permissions related, I'm using superuser. I'm at a loss. Logged a bug I haven't tested with 7.5 Studio community, not sure if this is specific to the pro version or not. IDK, the two (pro and community) have now been branched so I'm assuming they're no longer the same.

It may seem trivial, but it's not. Essentially editing and publishing a report with those 'repo' refs breaks the report. 

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