How to display the values of a single select input control into an html drop-down

I created a report called log report using the Jaspersoft studio, and added an input control list_of_emp that fetches a list of all employees using a select query.
then published the report to the jasper server and it all works fine.
Now, I'm building a simple third party application sort of like a portal where employees can see logs instead of going to the jasper server directly.
I want to achieve this using the following steps:

1. Make a get request to server to fetch the values of the list_of_emp input control using javascript
2. use the response to populate a dropdown in my application
3. employee selects their name from the dropdown and sends another request to the log report.

Getting the report with the request parameters seems rather easy after reading the docs. using this API

The problem is getting the values of the input controls.
I've tried 


as requested in the docs. But I keep getting a 404 not found, or a 200 ok but with no response.
Does anyone know how to solve this?
I'm using the community edition.

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