Enable user to create domains

Hello everyone,

I would like that some users could create domains on my JasperReports Server (users with role X),

I found a documentation were everything is explaind (doc), it worked in a demo enterprise version of JasperReports

but when I tried the same process on the production JasperReports (LDAP configured), I got this error : 

Error creating bean with name 'remoteServiceConfiguration' -> Error creating bean with name 'authenticationAuthoirizationFilterChainProxy'  ->

 Cannot resolve reference to bean 'filterInvocationInterceptor' while setting constructor argument with key [6] ->

 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unsupported configuration attributes: [L4_IT_DEVS] (my role)


Screen : 

Has someone already had this kind of error when configuring domain creation for users ?

Thanks for help !

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2 Answers:

Hi jean-pierre,

Try to use a role name with the prefix "ROLE_" like "ROLE_USER" for example.

It worked for me !

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If you are working with the "Domains" feature it means you are running a commercial edition of TIBCO Jaspersoft.

If so, providing @arnaudsimon091 solution is not working, I would recommend you to open a case on the support portal support.tibco.com

Should you need more help, feel free to reach me out too: wpangnan@tibco.com

Thank you

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