JasperReports with Google's Noto Fonts for PDF having Localized data.

Hello All,

We're using Google's Noto fonts ( Noto Sans CJK jp and Noto Sans font families) as Custom font with Jasper Reports 6.8.1. We want to export same PDF with embedded fonts in 10 languages (English/Spanish/German/French/Chinese Simplified/Chinese Traditional/Japanese/Korean/Russian/Italian) using locale specific resource bundles.

We've found that using Noto Sans CJK jp font Jasper Engine succesfully creates PDF which shows all characters correctly in all Web Browsers / Document Viewer app etc. However Adobe Acrobat reader is not able to extract embedded fonts, throws error and hence doesn't render the localized data/label on PDF.

Tried encoding  'CP1252'/'Identity-H'/'CP1250', however none of this shows the localized data in all the mentioned languages,

Do you know any standard guidelines around embedding fonts so that it should work seamlessly with Adobe too?



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