Is there a way to write conditional queryString for jrxml on Jaspersoft?

I wrote this `queryString` but I want to convert it to conditional statement like `defaultValueExpression`

Here's my case;

    <queryString language="MongoDbQuery">
        findQuery : {
          $and : [
            { 'action': { $nin : ['retry', 'retryOnce']},
            'payload.measurement.metricIdentifier' :  'X'
            $P!{whereClauseForStartDate} $P!{whereClauseForEndDate} $P!{whereClauseForArizaId} $P!{whereClauseForServiceNo} $P!{whereClauseForSiebelCustomerId}  $P!{whereClauseForServiceType} $P!{whereClauseForAccessType} $P!{whereClauseForTaahhutSure}}

As I said, I want to send query statement to Mongodb if the statement is true, otherwise don't send query to db in vain.

Thanks for help!

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