How can I have a dynamic page footer?


I need two footer with diferent sizes, the band height of first footer is 20 and the band height of the second is 80.

I  want to show in the first page footer one comment ( band height = 80)  and in the other pages footer the number of pages.

Any idea how I could do it?



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Unless I missed something here, can you simply put those fields in two lines in the page footer band one for page count and the other for comment? Field heights for those cells can be different.

tchen - 3 years 6 months ago

Thanks for the idea jgust, I got the 2 footers.

I have done it with the Group Footer and the Background, I put my text inside a frame in the Background on the inside and the frame I put the Print When Expresion : $V{PAGE_NUMBER}.equals( 1 ), I also checked opaque, then In the Group Footer I have put  Footer position : Force at bottom and check in keep together, this check is very important because it prevents the text from overlapping.

I have solved it!!!.

Thanks again.

danitza98 - 3 years 6 months ago

1 Answer:

You can't have multiple page footers so a possible workaround would be to create multiple group footers with a print when expression tied to the page number.  You can set the group footer position to Force at Bottom.

Another possibility is to have a subreport in the page footer using empty row as the data adapter.  You can then pass all your data and format in the subreport as needed.

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