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I have  Service Desk Application in which I have to show Incidents  logged by the requester as per the location. In Service Desk Application Location Information is there but Latitude and Longitude information is not there.

But for testing purpose I am using the below sample data to test as per the link 


While I am creating TIBCO Maps and manually passing the sample data like Latitude; Longitude; cityName in Dataset based on the query :

select ‘NorthCharleston’ as CityName,’-80.02842′ as Longitude,’32.92896′ as Latitude
select ‘GREENVILLE’ as CityName ,’-82.33626515′ as Longitude ,’34.79360263′ as Latitude
select ‘ZIBO’ as CityName,’117.8351787′ as Longitude,’37.17124911′ as Latitude
select ‘Mumbai’ as CityName, ‘72.9227767’ as Longitude, ‘19.10662726’ as Latitude

I am using the above Link for TIBCO MAPS but I am getting the error of  maps.google.com but after switching to HTML view. MAP is appearing but it is blank. 

Can you advise what is missing. Also I do not want to use google Maps API key. Without using Google Maps. how can I achieve this.


If you require more information from my end do let me know. 




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