Jasper hangs during table join


I'm attempting to join two tables in Jasper Server 7.1.1.  The join is a Left Outer join between a table containing approximately 20 million records and one containing 850 records.  The backend database is Postgres and the table on the left side of the join is currently joined to approximatley 20 other tables with no issues.  Both tables' joining fields are text and both are indexed.  Creating a join in Postgres works fine with no issues.  Both tables have been vacuumed.

Both the Jasper server and the postgres server have been restarted (both by services and by full reboot).

The Jasper server cache has been cleared.

All attempts to join these tables results in hours (even overnight) of spinner cursor with no connection made.

Any ides on what else I can try?  Thank you.

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