Converting to JRIO and DataAdapter path


We are using JasperSoft Studio Professional 7.5 with JRIO and have several people (PC and Mac) working on reports. We've come across some problems.

1. On some computers, the project won't convert to JRIO. We right click on project, Report Repository Type, JasperReports IO. The bottom right of the Design panel still says JasperReports library. Which leads to my next problem

2. The data adapter path is causing us a lot of trouble. Here's how we lay out our projects:

-- data-adapters
-- images
-- resources
-- reports
---- sites
------report files
---- works
------report files

The path the server needs to our data adapter from the report is ../../data-adapters/DataAdapter.xml
This works fine for reading fields in the sql and previewing the report if the repository type is 'JasperReports IO'. However, if the project won't change repository type (see my first question), then it can't find the data adapter (needs to be /data-adapters/DataAdapter.xml). Why does it need to be different for the different repository types? Are we referencing it wrong?

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1 Answer:


Have a look at the video: Get step-by-step instructions on how to set up your first JasperReports IO project in JSS


You need to do a few things to make a Studio project = a JasperReports IO project.

It is easier manage if, as Guilio says in the video, you have a subfolder in the project to be your repository root.

Once you have a JasperReports IO project, the data adapter files in the "repository" (project)  will be accdo the ..\..ess relative to the repository root you set above. You wil not need to do the "../../data-adapters/DataAdapter.xml"



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