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I am using JasperReports-6.3.1 for PDF generation.PDF those are generated on Local enviornment and UAT enviornment(pre prod enviornment) shows the proper text.When we tried to get the same PDF from production enviorment we got the PDF with text distortion. This distoration is in the specific band. We have used <textField isStretchWithOverflow="true"> still there is issue for PDF.Please find the attachment for the distorted PDF and jrxml code.


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We are facing this issue in PRODUCTION environemnt. In all lower environment there are no issues for PDF generation.

jadhav.sagar26 - 1 week 2 days ago

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I am not completely sure I understand your question here as the image you added had more masking and difficult to read. 

From the code, it looks like you were trying to accomodate the entire para within a textbox. Instead, why can't you try using different text box for each of the bullet point and put them together inside a Frame element? That way, you can set the "Stretch Type" of the text box as 'Float' and they will not overlap. 

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Set positionType="Float" for the text field.

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