Layouts p.3. Page Footer of Main report overlaps the Subreport


Something even more interesting.

I have 2 reports:

  1. Collection-letter,
  2. Collection-letter-ticket.

1st can be printed alone from 1 place of my Java app, in another place (for ticket) I print 2nd template which has 1st as subreport. Collection-letter-ticket has title section, which includes only collection-letter subreport.

Ticket scheme is here:

Ticket scheme

When I print ticket with document, which has 9 or more partial payments records, Page Footer of Main Report appears on the top of that table data.

Page footer over the partial payments table

Also the records 10th, 11th and next of partial payments table aren't printed. They disappears!

What can I do if I need to print all data from template 1 + Page Footer on each page, after that a ticket, also with a Page Footer?

Must I decrease the page height on 1st template on Page Footer's height or insert an empty Detail/Page Footer band on 1st template? If I go that way, how 2nd template guess to insert Page Footer in this exact place?

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Try to move the table to the main report.

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