Layouts p.2. How to always show all report items?

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Another way of what I want. 1 Detail band, split tipe I used - Prevent or Immediate, FreeLayout.
All elements have position type - Float.
DataSource - JSON.

When the report is not fit to page 1, I need bottommost table (partial payments) and a pair of static texts to appears in page 2.

When in the middle part of the report any field not stretched, result looks like that (right result):

Right result without stretching
When any fields of middle block (purpose of payment, for example) stretching, bottommost table disappears. And it doesn't appears on page 2.

When I have 2 or more records in signatures table, partial payments table appears on page 2, that's correct.

Set of signature table records and a break to page 2 with parttable section

What can I do to print all the report items in any case? I mean partial payments table and 2 static texts in case 2.

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Try to wrap the table by a frame.

Set frame the property: stretchType="RelativeToBandHeight", positionType="Float".

If it doesn't work. Put the table into a new detail band. Then set the splitType="Prevent"

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