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I'm struggling with how to complete a request to display a summary of data returned in my report. I have a report that will return a large volume of data with details on tests performed at different sites. Two subreports are in the summary and are designed to return information on the distinct sites and test codes returned in my report data. The main report has parameters for test code, site code, and date range, but I cannot use these parameters to pass directly to the subreports, as the requestor only wants summary data on the sites and test codes that are actually returned in the dataset and not all tests or sites entered will have data for any given date range. Using variables, I've managed to set it up to execute the subreports based on distinct values found in fields returned in the main report, but because the variables are not evaluated until after the report executes, the subreports do not work properly anywhere except in the Summary section. Does anyone have an idea on how to accomplish this?



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