How to connect to remote server postgre?


hello all, so lets go to the main point.

i already did ALL documentations provided but nothing!
heres what i did :
1. install jasper
2. have postgre 9.5 in app server
3. have same postgre 9.5 in db server
4. test wether they can connect (yes they can connect)
5. change buildomatic/ parameter, META_INF/context.xml
6. clean config
7. gen config
8. minimal
9. DB created
10. start service with " start"
11. postgre connect to 5432 (in remote server its 5551)

how to setup the connection to the right port?

any idea?
pls help, any idea might give me a clue.

regards, -TV

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fyi, the 5432 in console is a hardcode string, can ignore it or change it somewhere in postgre folder. find the script used to turn on postgre and u'll find the hardcode text.
regardless, if u do the step above it shouldve been connect to the assigned DB.

trvpseudo - 1 month 2 weeks ago

3 Answers:


found the way for bundling version

- if you need to create DB first in remote server follow this step:
1. install the jasperserver with .run (linux)
2. change in buildomatic : host, port, dbusername, password & ucomment something like "js.dbName = jasperserver" (can change jasperserver to ur custom DB name else it will create DB by the default name jasperserver)
3. change jasperserver file META-INF/context.xml, change username, password & url
4. go to buildomatic command prompt and do './js-ant clean-config' then './js-ant gen-config' (using linux, if windows without ./ )
5. then do './ minimal' (minimal = no sample data), this step will create the DB with the new config in

note that u need existing credential within the server allowed to create DB so buildomatic can create the DB.

- if you already have DB created within the remote server :
1. simply change username, password and url in webapps/jasperserver/meta-inf/context.xml
2. restart jasperserver

it shouldve connect to remote server.

Regards, - TV - last update 13 aug 2020

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Don't really know the install process but I remember you can try the install with a --test option. Did you try it ?

And the error says 'denied', did you check the users and permissions used in your properties/xml files ?

Hope you'll find the answer soon.


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thank you
and i did already tried it. so its because the admin dont allow my userid to crate omg..

now the DB has been created in remote server, cant connect to it when i start the start
the postgre seems to connect to port default 5432 not the port i specified like 5551

any idea about that?
thanks a lot

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