JSON Query Source for SpiderChart

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to build a Spider chart from the following JSON data source:

[ {
  "id" : "testingperformance",
  "name" : "Testing Performance",
  "metrics" : [ {
    "id" : "fasttests",
    "name" : "Fast Tests",
    "description" : "Percentage of tests under the testing duration threshold",
    "value" : 0.8
    "id" : "somethingelse",
    "name" : "SE",
    "description" : "bla bla",
    "value" : 0.8
} ]

Where the serie would be "testingperformance", and I would like to have each "value"as value from the array of "metrics" with its correspondent "name" as category of the chart. Is there anyway to do it? If I write $F{metrics.value} I'm only obtaining the first value of the array, not every single one of them.

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