Place image in the center of a column in a table with multiline content

Hi everybody,

i have to place an image inside an table in its own column. To each row with a picture there are some data. Sometimes there are more data for one image so the table row expands the rows to show the whole data (with the option stretchType="ElementGroupBottom"). My problem now is to place the image in the center of the stretched column (image has to fit in a spesific size (all pictures same size) and must have paddings and the image is flexible (url given by parameter)). The positionType of the component reportElement can change the images alignment but also puts the image on the top or bottom, not in the center where i need it (also the positionType="Float" doesn't help).

I attached a picture for a better understanding of my problem (hope the upload worked).

I also tried to give the image via html to a textfield, but the problem i found on this solution was that you need and html-component, and i don't have such component in my jaspersoft palette.

Hope you can help me and thanks in advance.

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I had same problem as you and solved it with the following help:

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