Mapping POJO in JasperStudio [BEGINNER]


Hi all, 

Trying to make adjustments in Jaspersof Studio, so I can display ArrayLis<Report> in Bar Char diagram

My Java Report object looks like this:

public class Report {
    private String movie;
    private int projections;
    private int tickets;
    private double income;
    public Report(String movie, int projections, int tickets, double income) {
        super(); = movie;
        this.projections = projections; = tickets;
        this.income = income;

Now, I have watched several YouTube tutorials where it is explained which .jar to place in Tomacat's lib folder, that we need to use compiled .jrxml file etc. I sort of get the bigger picture. But I don't know what exact adjustments to make in Bar Chart Wizard to achive what I have posted in the attachment. I don't know how to actually map entire list of object Report(s) so they are display as on the attachment bellow.

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