Disable column sorting or filtering on report or column

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According to this Jaspersoft Community page How to disable Table sorting/filtering feature (JIVE), Table sorting and filtering can be disabled per report or column.

If so, what are the steps to implement it?

What do I add the property to in the outline? I have tried the Table, the Column Header label, the Detail Text field, etc.

  • I right click and choose Show Properties.
  • Click Edit Properties from the Properties window.
  • Add a new Component Property of "net.sf.jasperreports.components.table.column.sortable". or filterable
  • Set the value to false.
  • Publish the report to Jaspersoft server.
  • Refresh the report in Jaspersoft server.
  • Filtering and sorting are still enabled.
  • Publish the report
  • Refresh the Jaspersoft server page
  • Filtering and sorting are still enabled

My end goal is to disable these features in the browser via visualize.js, but I'm assuming I should be able to see these features on Jaspersoft server as well.

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