JSS Localisation XML/Json file as Data source

New user of JRS and JSS.
My Jasper Studio Report call a web service which can return XML/Json file.

Our client/organisation can select a default language and will be able to make their own changes their own language file

Will have multiple organisations/sub-organisations on one reportserver

I have attached both a xml and json file

  • Response contain the Values need to display
  • ResponseSchema contain the lables/column headings I need to use

Expected Results

TitlesExpired TitlesDescription TitlesAbbreviation
false Madam Mrs
false Missus Ms
false Mister Mr
false Sir Sir


  • XML
    • can display the values in table BUT then the headers is not correct
    • tied to using 2 tables one for values one for the headers
      • wanted to make use of expression for the headers "IF($F{DisplayName}.toString()=="TitlesExpired",$F{TransName}.toString(),$F{ColumnName}.toString())"
  • Json (make use of jsonql)
    • Do not how to return both objects in report dataset and query dialog.
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