Where do I have to initialize REPORT_PARAMETER_MAP and their values


I have a report with two subreports.

In these subreports and in the main report, I have defined REPORT_PARAMETERS_MAP.

Where can I see the values of REPORT_PARAMETERS_MAP and where is defined?





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can you please elaborate the issue. 

As it seems like you are not able to map the parameter of main report to subreports. If this is right then no worrry use belwo steps to achive your goal

1. when you are using the subreport element the it ask to create/select the report then just select the report from workspace

2. Click next then it ask for report connection then select same datasource as main report 

3. Then if your subreport have parameter then listed over there after clicking next. over there you can check what different parameter you have and work accordingly.

4. If you have already created the subreport then you need to Right click on subreport element then go to show properties --> in right hand side you are able to see subreport section over there you can add or delete the parameter listed or used.

Hope this Help!


pawankumar.singh - 1 year 4 months ago


In my main report and subreports I have created this parameter. I need to know what values contain. My report has like datasource a XML and I use Xpath.



carlota_vina - 1 year 4 months ago

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