Copy a report / resources of a folder to another folder with REST API

Hello everyone !

Sorry for my trivial question, but does anybody know the syntax to copy a report / a folder to another folder in JasperReports ?

Thanks for helping.

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1 Answer:

Hi jean-pierre ! 

If you want to copy a report to another folder,  you'll need to use a syntax like this : 

Method : POST

Headers : Content-Location resource_to_be_copied_path

Request : http://your_server:8080/jasperserver/rest_v2/resources/path_to_folder_where_you_want_to_copy_resource?overwrite=true&createFolders=true

Sample image : 

If you need more informations, you can check the REST API documentation in the Docs section of this website, it's pretty usefull.

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