Page Footer not printed on last page

Dear all,

We are using TIBCO Jaspersoft Studio 6.3.1.

In the template there is a table in the Summary band and the page number in the Page Footer band.

We observe that the Page Footer is not printed on the last page if the report body size forces the table of the Summary band to be solely printed on the

last page (i.e. without any other table or text field from the Detail band).

The report counts the number of pages correctly (e.g. it prints “page 8 of 9” on the last but one page, but omits to print “page 9 of 9” on the last page.

In the case that the table of the Summary band is printed together with other tables or text fields from the Detail band on the last page,

the report print the page number on the last page.

Has anybody an idea, why this is happening and what to do about it?

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1 Answer:

You can decide at report level whether you want to have the summary band also with PageHeader/-footer or not.

So just take a look into the toplevel properties at your report and set this flag to true.

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