Can't load a jrxml file into my subreport

I have a strange problem : I have a report in my jasperReports server named "repma" and I can see the path to the JRXML file ("test/repma_files/main_jrxml")..

When I configure my subreport with this link "repo:/test/repma_files/main_jrxml", I have a Ressource not found error : 

 ->  -> 

What could create this problem ?

PS : When I first tried this method everything worked, but this error occurred when I updated the repma report, now this path doesn't work, even if I create a new subreport with the right URL

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1 Answer:

Hi man,

I had a similar problem but when I published my report on jasperserver it worked, check my quesion here if you want to have more details :

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